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Inside Tommy's House...'I am named Tommy McHugh but my brain doesn’t know Tommy McHugh.


My brain is filtering and blowing all kinds of images through my head. I can’t get a memory of Tommy McHugh. I can see a million Tommy McHugh’s in my brain, formless – well there’s form but no face, no IDENTITY.


They’re standing on the crumbling cliffs- the precipices of the mind and they’re crumbling into it , yet they want to live. They want to be.'


Tommy McHugh



Alice FlahertyIt is difficult to understand how terrifying it was for Tommy to find himself suddenly obsessed with making art, with philosophical ideas, with speculations about how the brain
works and how we perceive our worlds. To find your body changed after an illness is shattering enough.

What if your thoughts and even your temperament change too? How do you deal with that when 'you' no longer exist?

Alice Flaherty
June 2008




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