The Empty Chair - Revisited

Tommy McHugh
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 The Empty Chair - Revisited *
 Tommy's Message
Charles S Main-Brackenridge
 25 May 2014




Filmed in August 2012 at Tommy's home in Birkenhead

It's fair to say Tommy was as much about passing his message on as he was about creating his painting and sculpting, both borne of a desire, on the one hand to express his mind and thoughts through his works and on the other that we should be unafraid to express our minds and ourselves and not give in to doubts and criticisms

It was important to Tommy to make a film of his message and, becoming increasingly aware the opportunity could be lost due to his failing health, we finally set to in August 2012 and made this his last recorded message, his message to us all

Strangely it was Tommy's message which encouraged me to edit the film I'd taken and I hope I have done justice to his words of, '...don't give yourself up to doubt, believe in yourself...if you never have a go, you'll never know!'

My thanks to Lesley for her support

Charles S M-B

* Note:  This video is a re-edit of the original video published on YouTube 28 July 2013

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